Total Refrigeration & HVAC offers a wide variety of commercial refrigeration and HVAC maintenance services to fit your needs and budget. All mechanical equipment requires periodic service to maintain optimum performance and efficiency. Periodic service on your equipment can mean the difference between a few mechanical problems, continuous malfunctions or system failure. We work with our customers to provide preventative maintenance programs that are based on the needs of the equipment and budget. We offer preventative maintenance programs to service your equipment monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually.

Various Maintenance Services We Handle:

  • System Performance Evaluation
  • Evaporator/Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Coil Deicing
  • Confirm Temperature Requirements
  • Ensure Thermostat Operation & Time Clock Function
  • Leak Checks
  • Oil Sampling, Analysis & Replacement
  • Ice Machine Cleaning
  • Refrigerant Charging
  • Electrical Wiring Inspection and Component testing
  • Flush Condensate Lines
  • Inspect Fan Operation and Air Flow Distribution
  • Check Defrost Cycle & Heater Operation
  • Check Door Frame Heaters & Lighting
  • Inspect Door Gaskets and closure mechanisms
  • Belt Replacement
  • Filter Replacement
  • Air Quality & Combustion Analysis
  • Confirm Economizer & Damper Functionality
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Refrigerant Reclaimation
  • Component Adjustments
  • Equipment Removal & Disposal
  • And More!

Total Refrigeration Systems offers maintenance programs for various types of commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial process equipment. Please contact us at (651) 457-7804 if your equipment is in need of service.